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Portuguese Laurel Pleached ''Prunus Lusitanica'' 1.8m stem (12-14cm girth) 120cm high x 120cm wide trellis

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The Jovial Portuguese Laurel

If you’re searching for a shrub that can provide a bright and cheery look to your garden all year round, the Portuguese laurel (otherwise known as ‘Prunus lusitanica’ or ‘cherry bay’), is a good choice to make. Easy to grow and manage, it is perfect for any novice or experienced gardener to cultivate – its great ability to be shaped makes it ideal for any topiarists too.

As one of the UK’s leading horticultural nurseries, we have obtained a great selection of Portugal laurel that can help your garden to be at its vibrant best.

What Is The Portuguese Laurel?

As the name suggests, the Prunus lusitanica is native to the areas around the Iberian Peninsula – not just Portugal and Spain, but also southwestern France, Morocco and Macaronesia. Found relatively rarely in the wild, this particular Iberian laurel is found along mountain streams, preferring sunshine and moist, but well-drained soil – it’s also drought-tolerant too.

An evergreen hedging plant, similar to Bay laurel (in fact, it’s sometimes confused with it), the Portuguese variety is characterised by its small fragrant white flowers in the summer, and small red fruits that turn black in the autumn. The plant is easy to grow in most soil types and conditions and is extremely hardy against the wind.

Within 20 years, it can grow to heights exceeding 39ft (12 metres), with its ultimate spread being wider than 26ft (8 metres). Having a medium growth rate, Portugal laurel is easy to maintain and shape – only needing a single trim every year in the late summer.

Caring For Prunus Lusitanica

The best times to plant Portuguese laurel is in spring or the autumn – as long as it doesn’t freeze. Although it appreciates full exposure to sun, it does still tolerate part shade and a blend of soil mix and regular garden soil is perfectly appropriate.

If planted as part of a hedge, there should be around 3ft (1 metre) between specimens to ensure that they grow without suffocating. During its first year of growth, it should be watered regularly and pruning should be performed in late spring or early summer.

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