Bay Trees

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High Quality Bay Trees

If you’ve been searching for a plant that is easy to prune and shape, whilst also evoking a ‘Mediterranean feel’ for your garden, then bay trees may just be what you’re looking for. Usually held within a pot, they are ideal to place in gardens that have hard ground or on patios or pathways.

What Are Bay Trees?

The bay tree (Laurus nobilis) is an exquisite, neat and glossy evergreen plant, a descendant of the wild laurels from the forests that grew in the Mediterranean basin more than 10,000 years ago. These laurels were considered a ‘noble plant’ by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who used the leaves to form Laureates. The name given to a ‘crown of honour’ that we still use to this very day.

The bay laurel’s status in the Ancient world saw them shipped around the globe, to many locations that didn’t quite have the humid conditions that they thrived in. Eventually though, through careful attention, the plants adapted to become the evergreen bay tree we know today – thriving as they do, even in the unpredictable British weather!

Caring For A Bay Tree

Although bay trees are resilient, they may suffer from damage due to harsh winds or the extreme cold, so it should be kept in a sheltered, well-drained container or plot that is out of the wind – covered up if the temperature drops below zero. They will require a regular water schedule in order to thrive, so if you ever plan to spend time away from home, arranging for someone to water them will ensure that they experience the best possible growing conditions.

Disease very rarely affects bay trees and they are easy to prune and keep in shape – ideal for topiarists to create vibrant, interesting shapes. Common bay laurel shapes you may come across include balls, pyramids and even lollipops. If grown in good conditions and allowed the freedom to do so, a bay tree could easily reach a height of 7.5m (23ft), providing the garden with great coverage.

Shop Bay Hedging With Seagrave Nurseries

Here at Seagrave Nurseries, our range of bay trees have been sourced from the same, trusted growers for over 20 years now. This allows us to be sure that the plants we retail are of the same, constant high quality and thus, able to provide our own customers with the best value for money.

Our range of bay hedging laurel includes:

  • Bay Trees Ball On Stem.
  • Bay Trees Ball On Spiral/Plaited Stem.
  • Bay Tree Cones.
  • Bay Tree Bush.

Please feel free to take a look around our range of bay hedging and click on each product to learn more. All orders that are priced over £300 are subjected to FREE delivery, so do have a look at our delivery information page for more details on this, as well as our other delivery options.

Why Buy From Us?

Due to large demand we are able to provide superb quality at the prices many charge for standard stock.

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