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Yucca Rostrata, Trunk 50-60cm, 110lt Pot

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Yucca rostrata, also known as the beaked yucca or big bend yucca, is a stunning succulent native to the Chihuahuan Desert in northern Mexico and western Texas. It forms a striking rosette of slender, blue-green leaves that emanate from a central trunk.

The maximum height of a mature Yucca rostrata typically ranges from 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters), making it a relatively compact yucca species. It produces tall flower spikes with creamy-white, bell-shaped blooms that rise above its foliage, enhancing its visual appeal.

Yucca rostrata is well-suited for arid and desert climates. It thrives in full sun exposure and is highly drought-tolerant once established. However, it is sensitive to frost, with a minimum temperature tolerance typically down to about 10°F (-12°C) or slightly lower. Therefore, it's important to protect this plant from freezing temperatures.

In terms of aspect, Yucca rostrata prefers a sunny location with plenty of sunlight, as it requires direct sunlight to thrive and develop its distinctive blue-green coloration.