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Cloud form Buxus hedging by sq meter 1.2-1.5m price per square meter

SKU: W931802-01
£1,045.00£627.00 Inc VAT

These free form topiary 'organic' shapes lend the garden a Sculptural (Henry Moore)

type feel without having to wait years for the established garden effect. They are supplied

cut ready for you to plant and maintain.

Prices are by the square meter and are 1.25-1.5 meters high.

It is recommended that the depth is two meters so for example a 5 meter (15 foot) run

with plants max 1.25-1.5 meters high would be 5 meters x 2 meters deep = 10 square meters x £850 per square meter = £8500 - 20% for discount over £2000= £6800

Order by the square meter: quantity 10= 10 square meters