Trellis, Pleached and Arched

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Kiwi 4ft Trellis
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Want a more natural alternative to a garden fence? Do you want to build beautiful arbors or an archway out of trees but you don’t have the time to weave you own pleached trees? Don’t worry; the talented team at Seagrave Nurseries has a fantastic selection of pleached fruit trees to choose from, including apples, plums, cherries, and figs.

What Are Pleached Trees?

As known as espaliered trees, pleached trees are used to create arbors, tunnels, and arches. This result is achieved by planting trees in lines and weaving the branches together to strength and fill any weak spots. Additionally, both living and dead branches are interwoven through the hedge.

What Are The Advantages Of Growing This Style Of Tree?

Growing a pleached tree or pleached hedge is a fantastic way to achieve some additional privacy in your garden. Thanks to the robust nature of the trees, it offer the same benefits that a wooden fence would, providing a barrier for both sound and wind. However, as this physical barrier would be made from trees, it’s arguably a much more beautiful option.

What If You Don’t Have The Time Or Skill To Grow From Scratch?

Growing espaliered trees is a significant time and gardening skill investment. However, those who don’t have the time to spend weaving the trees can take a small shortcut by purchasing trees which have already begun to grow. This way, after planting the trees, you only have to be concerned about garden maintenance and ensuring your trees are well looked after.

Planting Tips For Pleached Trees

When preparing the soil for a tree, it’s important that you make sure that the planting hole is twice the size of the root balls for the tree; additionally you should dig in lots of compost. Another important planting tip is to use a long and strong stake, as in addition to supporting the tree the stake will also support the framework the branches are being trained against. Also, if you’re creating a pleached tunnel, it’s very important that you make sure that the tunnel is high enough that you will be able to walk under it once the branches spread onto the supports.

Whilst maintaining your trees, it’s important not to force branches that ‘do not want to move’. Instead cut them off and wait for more shoots, bending supply shoots and tying them to the frame. Additionally, when tying stems to the frame, it’s essential that you use a soft string such as twine. This is because wire or plastic ties can cut into the wood.

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