Tree Ferns

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High Quality Tree Ferns

Looking to give your garden an exotic, tropical look? Able to thrive in even the changeable nature of British weather, tree ferns are ideal for gardeners who wish to re-create that rainforest feel.

Here at Seagraves Nurseries, we stock a range of high-quality tree ferns that are able to give your garden a new look or lease of life. Having been importing these beautiful ferns from Australia for a number of years now, we can vouch for the great quality of these specimens.

What Are Tree Ferns?

One of the more popular species in the tree fern family is the dicksonia antarctica. A soft tree fern, they are slow growing architectural plants, with thick trunks that offer a striking look for any sheltered garden. Native to Australia’s moist and humid conditions, dicksonia antarctica tree ferns can grow up to 45ft tall at their maturity, are generally very hairy and have dark green fronds that spread rapidly.

Having the appearance of a gnawed log when dormant, the fronds soon spring from the crown, growing incredibly quickly. If exposed to enough water, the fronds will exceed the height of the trunk from which they emerge – a 3ft-long log will likely produce fronds in excess of 3-and-a-half feet.

Planting Your Dicksonia Antarctica

This fern grows naturally under larger trees, as they thrive in the shade. If given adequate water, however, they will equally thrive within direct sunlight – water is the key to growing tree ferns (and the size of the frond is always pro-rata to the amount of water the plant receives). Like most plants, they are best cultivated in a sheltered spot, away from buffeting winds.

When planting your tree fern, make sure they are stood upright outside, and plant 1/5 or 1/4 of it either in the ground or in a pot, with high-quality compost, under shade. When watering, ensure that you use at least 1 gallon (approx, 5 litres) per foot every day (for example – a 3-ft fern should be subjected to 3 gallons/15 litres of water). Make sure that most of the water enters the crown of the plant.

The dicksonia antarctica is far hardier than reported – it is able to stand temperatures of down to -10°C without protection. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend that during spells of cold weather, you should place a ball of horticultural fleece within the crown to protect the growing point of the plant.

Planting A Pot-Grown Tree Fern

The dicksonia antarctica is able to be grown for some years in a large pot. The majority of compost types are fine but the key to great growth is to never let the plant dry out. It’s always best to let the pot stand in a water tray, which is constantly topped up (even in winter). A liquid feed can be added directly to the tray.

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Please feel free to take a look around at our tree fern products and click on them to see more information on their cultivation. All orders placed with us that are priced over £300 will be subjected to FREE delivery, so do see our delivery page for more information on this, as well as our other d delivery options.

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