Cypress Trees And Conifers

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Italian Cypress Trees

Think of the Tuscany region of Italy and the exquisiteness of the landscape may immediately spring to mind. Bright blue skies providing cover for luscious green rolling hills and the sun-kissed orange mountains that stand behind them. One of the major contributors to this magnificent sight is the cypress tree; the gorgeous-green, pencil shaped conifer. Their look is something you can add to your own garden too, with high-quality Italian cypress trees.

The Ancient Beauty of Italian Cypress Trees

The Italian Cypress (or to give it its botanical name, Cupressus sempervirens) are also called ‘Mediterranean Cypress’, as they are often found growing throughout the Southern European/Western Asian regions. In fact, it’s believed that their place of origin was in Persia or Syria and that they were brought to the Tuscan area by ‘mysterious’ Etruscan tribespeople who considered the plant to have ‘mystical connections’.

With sufficient care and good weather conditions, the Cupressus sempervirens can last for several hundred years – and whilst other trees in the region would lose their leaves during the winter, the cypress tree would retain theirs. So on this evidence, it’s no surprise to learn that its evergreen nature was considered ‘mystical’ during Ancient times!

Caring For Your Mediterranean Cypress Trees

The unique pencil-shape look that these plants give to a garden (especially when they’re planted in pairs or rows) make a wonderful architectural statement – but it’s their hardiness that also proves to be a big attraction for many. Able to stand temperatures of more than minus-10c, they are more than a match for the British winter.

Although they’ll generally retain the same narrow shape throughout their life, the Italian cypress tree can grow up to 15m in height and can be easily trimmed to the desired height. During their early life in the garden, they will need plenty of water until they’re fully established – but afterwards, they are tolerant to drought. Furthermore, they can thrive in most soils (aside from waterlogged) – just ensure that they get plenty of sun (as they would in the Med!), and sit back and enjoy the Mediterranean look they give to your garden.

Buy Italian Cypress From Seagrave Nurseries

Our range of Italian cypress trees here at Seagrave Nurseries have been sourced from the same Tuscan supplier for 20 years. Not only does this trust allow us to get a hold of some of the best specimens around but also the relationship we have created allows us to retail these beautiful plants for a great value price. One of the reasons why our horticultural nursery is considered as a leader in the area.

Please take the time to browse our range of cypress trees and click on each product to learn more information about their cultivation. All orders that are priced over £300 are subjected to FREE delivery – so aside from our cypress trees and other conifers, feel free to take a look at more of our garden plants, which include yew hedging, flowering shrubs, bamboo, tree ferns and much more!

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