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Exotic Cordylines

Native to the western regions around the Pacific Ocean – New Zealand, eastern Australia, south-east Asia and Polynesia, the cordyline will add a somewhat ‘tropical feel’ to the garden. Regardless of the location, this vibrant plant will look good anywhere – from the urbanisation of the inner-city to the wide-open spaces of the countryside.

If you’re interested in adding cordylines to your garden, then you’ve found the right place here at Seagrave Nurseries. As one of the UK’s leading providers of horticultural nursery services, we have a fantastic range of exotic planters for you choose from.

What Exactly Are Cordylines?

Cordyline plants are woody-stemmed shrubs that are grown for their attractive evergreen foliage. The thin, sharp leaves are often coloured green, bronze, red-orange and purple. As they grow, the lower leaves will fall and the plant will look like a ‘stately palm tree’.

Although they are generally grown for their architectural foliage, cordylines do also produce a spectacular cluster of white flowers (followed by small red or purple berries), during particularly good summers.

Small, young cordyline plants can be cultivated in containers or amongst a bedding display, whilst the mature plants, able to reach ten metres in height, will make for a splendid feature. They are (somewhat surprisingly, judging by initial glance) hardy and although full sun is always best, they are able to grow well in mild conditions or in urban gardens that have plenty of shade.

It should be noted, that if grown in an exposed site, a cordyline would need some protection against the winter elements – wrapping it in a fleece is advisable.

Caring For A Cordyline

For most of the year, cordylines are relatively easy to take care of – choosing a good location for them to thrive is key. They should be placed in a position that is likely to experience a lot of sun, and is sheltered from strong winds and frost pockets.

In terms of watering cordyline, they should be done so deeply, rather than little and often – they should not be allowed to completely dry out (especially when it’s the growing season!). There is a potential for the plant to be damaged by fluoride, so if you live in an area in which the fluoride content of your tap water is particularly high, it’s advisable that you collect rainwater and use that instead.

Cordylines will grow in sand, chalk, clay or loam as long it’s well-drained and is reasonably fertile. In poor soil conditions, digging in plenty of organic compost or manure before planting will help, and in heavy soils, add plenty of grit to aid drainage.

When it comes to planting cordyline, this is performed best at the start of spring so they have enough time to establish themselves before the cold weather arrives. Whether you’re planting in a container or into the ground, always think about the drainage – use plenty of horticultural grit to ensure that excess water is able to find a way out. When transferring from pot to ground, dig a hole that is twice the width of the rootball and place the plant at the same level it was before you removed it from the container’s surface.

Buy High-Quality Cordyline

Our selection of cordylines has been sourced from the same trusted growers for many years now. Not only do such partnerships allow us to obtain some of the best plant specimens on the market, but we can also continue to ensure that we are able to get these vibrant plants at a constant, great-value price – something that we endeavour to pass on to our customers.

Please feel free to take a look around our range of cordyline plants and click on each product to learn more information about their particular species and best practice on cultivating them. All orders made with us that are priced over £300 will be subjected to FREE delivery – so do take a look at our other garden plants.

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