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Bamboo Plants

Providing an exotic, Far East look, Bamboo plants are a fashionable architectural plant that adds height and structure to any type of garden. Extremely versatile, bamboo can be placed as a potted plant within the home or out on the patio, filling gaps to strengthen a boundary or planted in the garden to provide privacy.

Best of all, Bamboo is very easy to grow and is quick to establish itself – so if you’re looking for a high-quality bamboo plant to provide your garden with better scope, eye-catching aesthetics or improved protection then here at Seagrave Nurseries, we have a wide and vibrant range for you to choose from.

The Brilliance of Bamboo 

Bamboo occurs naturally in South East Asia; a type of grass, the plant is regularly identified as "thriving in warm, tropical climates". In reality, bamboo grows in a much wider range of climates – from tropical hotspots, cool mountainous regions and even in the intense "cloud forests" that tower amongst the sky.

Bamboos are of historical, cultural and economic importance in the Southern Asian region – the materials of the plant are used for building, as a food source and is a versatile raw product that creates a multitude of items for everyday use. The compressive strength of bamboo plants make them stronger than brick, wood or concrete, as well as being as tensile as steel.

Planting bamboo is also a great way to help the environment, as it provides a crucial element in the balancing of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the atmosphere. It has been studied that a grove of bamboo is able to release approximately 35% more oxygen than other types of trees. Due to this, planting bamboo offers a great way for us all to reduce our carbon footprint.

All of these attributes make bamboo an ideal plant to use in the garden – regardless if your intentions are visual, structural, protective or environmental.

Cultivating Bamboo

Bamboos will thrive best in moist but well-drained soil and in a sheltered, sunny spot. Whilst they’re able to tolerate most soil types, some require acidic soil or ericaceous potting compost. Although it’s able to grow in a vast array of soil qualities, Bamboo will struggle in earth that is constantly wet, boggy or extremely dry.

Even though the plant is evergreen, it is best to plant bamboos in the spring, so that the energy stored within their rhizomes (underground stem) is used to create strong canes for when summer rolls around. The rhizomes will then produce roots before the plant sleeps from autumn through to next spring.

Before planting, the addition of well-rotted compost or manure with help to raise the organic content of the soil and improve its ability to hold onto moisture. Bamboo plants will also require some routine maintenance in order to prevent them from growing in a manner that will look unsightly (they may even possibly become invasive). Looking after bamboo is relatively simple, however, and regular trimming will keep them looking great.

Buy High Quality Bamboo With Seagrave Nurseries

Here at Seagrave, we have a wide range of Phyllostachys bamboo that is adept at thriving in sight of direct sunlight. Available in a wide choice of types and sizes, our selection has been acquired from trusted growers who we have been dealing with for many years – this ensures that the products we sell to you are of the same consistent high qualities.

Our other bamboo types include the garden plants Semiarundinaria and Pseudosassa Japonica, as well as Dwarf bamboo (Shibataea Kumasaca), that is ideal to place within the home.

Browse Our Range For More First-Rate Garden Plants

Please continue to browse our selection of bamboo plants and click on each product to see them in more detail (as well as for extra information on their cultivation). In terms of delivery, all orders priced over £300 will be subjected to FREE delivery – have a look at our dedicated delivery page for more on this, as well as our other delivery options.

If you have any further questions about our range of bamboo, or simply would like some advice on anything horticultural, our experts are on hand to assist you. Why not give them a call today on 01509 621 300?

You can also visit us in person – our horticultural nursery is open 7 days a week and can be found at (the land adjacent to) 84 Melton Road, Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, LE12 8NX. We are open at the following times: 9am-5pm, MON-FRI. 9am-4pm, SAT/SUN.